All the Moons

I've always loved to dance. I've never been terribly good at it, sure. But, that has never quenched the thrill I get from groovin' out.

I'd gotten so used to dancing to the beat of my own drum; I was not ready to have a dance partner. 

*Cue Mathew.*

A tall, dark and handsome (like, so handsome) man walked into my life in 2017, and he was the dance partner I didn't know I was looking for. 

I dance through life grounded in my love for this man. Life's risks, hardships and perils never have me uneasy because I know I have my best friend by my side to help me through them.

Matty puts up with me, which (I'm sure my mom and best friend can attest) is not an easy job. Not only does he put up with me, but he does so with open arms and a warm smile. I love his smile.

2017 was good to us. We went on adventures and our relationship blossomed. We made memories that I will forever hold in my heart. We navigated through rough waters but made it through stronger together.

I made this print of Matty and me as a present for Valentine's Day. I created personalized versions with our respective favorite colors for the both of us as well.

Matty is depicted in an outfit he wore to the Nebraska-Wisconsin football game this year, and I am shown twirling in a pastel pink dress (which is so very on brand). Though not illustrated, I imagine we are either being disgustingly cute or talking about football.

Of course, the defining feature of this print is Matty's arm. Sure, drawing his tattoos was the most tedious part of the creation of this print. But, I love his tattoos. He loves his tattoos. I couldn't omit his tattoos from a print as intimate as this. I look at the arm I drew, and I see Matty's arm. And, that makes me happy (until he gets another sleeve and I have to do double the work). 


Matty, I've enjoyed dancing through life with you thus far. I look forward to dancing for all the moons to come.

Share love in the ways in which you feel comfortable. Your emotions and relationships never have to fit into a box. Happy Valentine's Day, all!

Program Used: Adobe Illustrator


Love, Katy

Thoughts, words and creations are all my own. Kathryn Bagniewski © 2018.