In November 2017, I adopted my first child, er... guinea pig. She was blonde and beautiful with wacky hair and the cutest nose. She brought me joy and comfort, and she helped me through some of the hardest times I've ever experienced. I named her Freya after the Norse goddess of beauty. Quickly, she became my muse.

Guinea pigs are herd animals, and I had been planning on getting a companion for Freya since I brought her home. Circumstances and finances finally made that a sensible possibility this spring. 

*Cue baby Sif*

Freya dwarfs Sif tenfold, but is so loving to her new baby sister. She was confused when Sif came home, but quickly warmed up to her and took her under her wing, or paw. 

Now I have two muses, each of whom I love dearly. I'm excited to create art and other projects of my two girls now that school is out. I've included my first portraits of them below.


Program Used: Adobe Illustrator


Love, Katy

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