Audio Projects by Katy

Rural Futures Podcast

The Skinny: As Production Specialist of Rural Futures with Dr. Connie, I head the technical production of the show. Using Adobe Audition, I perform all post-production and sound mixing. We just wrapped up Season 3 of the show. Listen wherever you get your podcasts!

While producing 32 episodes of the podcast, I edited interviews with industry professionals from the following organizations:

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Bold Voices

The Skinny: In Seasons 2 and 3 of the Rural Futures Podcast, I host and produce short segments with University of Nebraska students.

Using Zoom to capture the interviews and Adobe Audition to edit and mix them, I created eighteen Bold Voices student segments.

I also create the graphics and write the releases for the segment.

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Streaming Science

The Skinny: I sat down with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s women in STEM to produce podcast episodes for the science literacy program Streaming Science.

I performed all of the interviewing, hosting and sound editing for the episodes.