Telling Your Rural Story

I had the opportunity to present about rural communications and storytelling with my boss during the Rural Futures Institute's Serviceship 2018 Course. We had an hour and fifteen minutes to solve a couple of key questions and prepare 24 University of Nebraska students for their internships in 11 rural Nebraska communities.

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We began by giving the students a background of the Rural Futures Institute at the University of Nebraska, which harnesses the intellectual energy of the University and its partners to positively impact the future of humankind. 

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We gave an overview of a few of RFI's recent projects: connecting rural innovators from Japan and Nebraska, hosting Microsoft General Manager of Technology and Corporate Responsibility Shelley McKinley, and discussing collaboration between rural and urban at Tufts University in Boston, Mass. 

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We then dove into the goals of RFI's coverage of the students' serviceships which are to create content for their professional portfolios and to demonstrate the work RFI is doing to bring the intellectual energy from the University of Nebraska into rural areas across the state. 

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We push out impacts, results and updates from the serviceship teams weekly through news releases, social media updates and newsletter updates. Because I am heading the serviceship campaign, the students send me updates every other week which I curate and synthesize into a news release and multiple social media pushes. 

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Overall, this was a very fun presentation and has set us up for a very successful summer! Catch up on the updates from University of Nebraska students in rural communities through the weekly "This Week In Serviceship" news releases.

This week in serviceship updates!

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